3SMReviews: Isn’t It Romantic

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3SMReviews: Isn't It Romantic

Director Todd Strauss-Schulson calls out many of the romantic comedy tropes in Isn’t it Romantic, a film that is fun for lovers of romantic comedies and stands on its own as a peppy comedy. I’m quite glad someone gave Rebel Wilson a starring vehicle, because I’ve been waiting for her to be featured in something since 2012’s Pitch Perfect. For people aware of the romantic comedy arc, this is a predictable film, but that can be easily pushed aside to enjoy amusing performances as well as Wilson’s reactions to the romantic comedy her life has become.

Verdict: Good

Cost: $7.05 (the “bargain” night at Regal has become not so much of a bargain.) (Though free because the boyfriend had gift cards.)
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with the boyfriend.

Consider also watching: Ibiza, Nappily Ever After

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  • Boyfriend Matt

    The ending was super weird and the lesson she learns doesn’t really flow from anything in the movie.

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