3SMReviews: Revolutionary Road

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3SMReviews: Revolutionary Road

Sometimes, it makes all the difference who you watch the movie with. With me in the theater were two women who found a lot of this movie funny and laughed accordingly. I wouldn’t have noticed if I was watching it by myself, but the things they were laughing at were funny, even in this grim, depressing, well-acted movie.

Bechdel rating: Two women. Yep. Who talk to each

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  • balyien

    I wish those ladies had been in my theater. This movie made me feel like going out and getting a gone with which to shoot myself.

  • Sara K.

    Hmm…I always feel like I am that person…laughing when no one else is. Though I doubt that would have been the case with this movie. I have avoided it due to presumed sadness. -S

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