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You know how you watch some classic films and think, “Okay, I get why this was a big deal and is a classic now, but this movie is boring!”? This is NOT one of those classics. I was glued to the TV the entire time, loved hearing all the lines I knew were from the movie and never had heard in context and couldn’t get enough of either characters.

Bechdel rating: has two women: yes. Who talk to each other: nope. Alas.

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  • Sara K.

    Is this the ‘I am ready for my close-up Mr. Demille’ movie? And if not, what are the famous lines you knew? This sounds like it needs to be in my Netflix queue. -S

  • Sara K.

    PS- Is a Lint post coming soon? We have been wondering. We have a snow day today, so I can finally get February posts up to date! -S

  • Patricia

    It is that movie, and the line in context is super fabulous.

    We’ll have to see about Lint this year.

  • hsofia

    I saw this maybe six or seven years ago – so wonderful and satisfying!

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