3SMReviews: The Sixth Sense

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3SMReviews: The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense remains M. Night Shyamalan’s directing triumph twenty years on. It’s still scary, still packed with great performances,* still brings the tears. While I mourned a little that I knew the big secret** I spent my time both looking for things I could now see because I did know the secret and fondly remembering my first viewing.

Cost: Monthly Netflix fee ($7.99)
Where watched: at home, as part of Filmspotting’s 9 from 99 series.

*Haley Joel Osment has so much going on with his eyes; this comes from Bruce Willis’ late 90s peak; Toni Collette is, as ever, the actor who is going to do so much with her performance
**As does probably everyone by now, but if you don’t I suggest watching this tout suite, before someone spoils it for you.

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