3SMReviews: Us

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3SMReviews: Us

In Us, Jordan Peele has crafted a taut, creepy thriller that kept me gasping and guessing right up until the credits rolled; and then the questions rolled in.* It’s very clear that Peele is not a detail-oriented filmmaker, he’s all about the craft and the theme, which is fine.** It’s worth seeing because it’s a movie to watch now and also because the performances all around are tremendous.***

Verdict: Recommended

Cost: $5.00
Where watched: Hollywood Theatre with S. North

*This also happened with Get Out. I loved it. And then I had questions because some things didn’t hang together. In this film there were even more questions and much of it didn’t hang together afterward.
**And I mean that, really. Normally when I have this many things to pick apart, it’s a sign that a movie has failed. In this case I was thoroughly entertained at the theater and am happy to accept the movie as metaphor.
***It’s one thing to turn in an excellent performance, it’s another thing to craft a second similar-but-different character. And every single person did this.

3SMReviews: Us
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