3SMReviews: What If

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3SMReviews: What If

I’m going to start by saying this is a horrible title, so bad that even after I saw the movie I kept seeing the title and thinking, “What’s that movie about?”*  However, aside from the forgettable title, I greatly enjoyed this movie that let Daniel Radcliffe be his very short self** and did me the great favor of introducing me to Zoe Kazan who was so very good I would like to see her in a multitude of things in the next decade before she ages out of the female actress demographic.  If you enjoy witty banter and can recognize the Toronto skyline,*** this movie is for you.

Cost: free due to gift card.
Where watched:  Lloyd Center 8 (the one in the mall) with maybe four other people because it was a sunny and warm August Sunday.

*Not only when I would see it in movie marquees, but even when it was in my own blog roll!  So I knew I’d seen it, but couldn’t quite remember what movie it was.
**First time I’ve ever seen that for a male lead.
***It turns out I cannot recognize the Toronto skyline, so I spent a good 45 minutes driving myself crazy trying to decide in which big city they were living.  When I recounted this trouble to the clerk at Fred Meyer, he said, “Doesn’t Toronto have that unique round building displayed prominently?”  And I had to admit that I did not at all associate that unique building with the Toronto skyline.  But now I do.

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  • balyien

    I would like to see this one, especially since it also stars Adam Driver (yes, I started watching "Girls" because of you; I'm now halfway through the third season). I don't know if it's still playing here, but if it is I'll try to catch it next week.

  • Sara K.

    I need to see that. Not just because of the absolutely adorable DR (whom I love), but also because the previews looked great. Ohh I think its my pick for the next movie choice.

  • Sara K.

    We just watched this last night. I love it. DR is so cute and they look fabulous together.

  • Sara K.

    And finding this old post without a search function. Not easy. Sorry to report!

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