Three sentence movie reviews: The Bling Ring

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Much like the people in Spring Breakers, these people did not share my values, but in a much more fun and accessible way than the girls in Florida.  While the characters in this movie were fairly unlikable, the film itself was quite likable giving a remote perch from which to view their poor choices.  I found this to be a much more chatty film than more Sophia Coppola films, and I enjoyed the uptick in dialogue.

Cost:  free due to magical movie viewing at home
Where watched: At the Wolf Pack’s house with Heather.  Patrick made us popcorn.

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  • Sara K.

    Oh how our little Hermione has grown up. That is what I think of when I see this movie. She did some very interesting press outings when it came out (I am sure that was necessary as this film is so un-Hermione of her).

  • balyien

    I'm not big on Sofia Coppola. I do agree that sometimes it's nice to sit back and watch a movie about people napalming their own lives, as long as it's in more cheerful of a manner than "The Virgin Suicides."

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