Three sentence movie reviews: Furious 6

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fast_and_furious_sixIn which the series lets go of any small grip on reality as our heroes–currently wealthy and somewhat bored in exile–are recruited by the Rock to help take down a super bad guy which they agree to so 1) they can get Letty–who is not actually dead, but has surfaced with amnesia–back and also 2) be pardoned so they can go home to good old Los Angeles.   But first there must be much fast and furious driving in many different countries and some great hand-to-hand fighting to keep those bored by fast and furious driving, but never (never NEVER) any shooting of anyone by Vin Diesel.* Favorite moment: probably Letty and Dom racing through London and then having a sweet moment together**

Cost: Free from library (because Videorama doesn’t seem to have any copies of this movie due to catagorizaiton error. Employee Yvonne and I looked for it in vain. Luckily, the library still has a ton of copies.)
Where watched: at home with Matt wandering through and stopping for the fight scenes.

*At one point he picks up a gun and attempts to hit someone with it, and then it flies off and we continue with the bare-knucked fighting.
**Because I’m a total sap.

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IMP poster commentary favorite quip: Vin Diesel’s backside in saggy pants?  What a waste!

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  • Sara K.

    I am now completely amused at your F&F reviews. These are delightfully droll. You side quips are as much fun as the general post!

  • Jan W.

    Do you have any idea why Vin Diesel never shoots anyone? I’m sure I’ve seen him shoot people in other movies, although honestly I’d probably need to re-watch them to be sure. I saw part of this because I was in the same room while Dan was watching it. I wasn’t keen on the drawn-out final fight scene.

    • stenaros

      You mean the one where the runway was about 20 miles long? How it Should Have Ended makes fun of that aspect, but I can’t get to the site right now to link to it. But it made me laugh.

      My theory about the no-shooting-guns-at-people thing is that Vin is playing, essentially a crook. Who spent time in prison for beating someone nearly to death. (Although the first movie explains why he did that.) I think he can’t be a crook AND a thug AND use guns. So no guns for shooting. But the other two are okay, because deep down he’s a good guy.

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