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avengers_age_of_ultron_ver11Matt and I celebrated our thirteenth anniversary in style with Marvel’s biggest earners, enjoying their quips and antics.  Overall, I found this to be a tighter movie than the first one* and I enjoyed the Avengers-at-rest scenes more than the big battles.  So here’s hoping the next two movies concern Avengers chatting late at night, and perhaps doing their superhero laundry or cooking a nice meal or home renovation.

Cost: $10.75?  Matt bought the tickets
Where watched: Regal’s Vancouver City Center 12.

*”They have to get that cube thing AND kill off all these creatures? This movie will go on forever!” I thought at one point when watching the first feature.  Luckily, getting the cube thing killed off the creatures.

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  • kathleen.

    I’ve got to watch this before they stop showing in the cinemas. Which is your favourite Avenger?

    • stenaros

      I kind of have a thing for Thor. And Hawkeye is intriguing. I tend to enjoy them as a group.

  • Heather

    Do you need to watch the accompanying other characters’ movies? I am sure that I have many holes in my Marvel Universe.

    • stenaros

      We have naturally because someone in the relationship is a fan. I like all of the movies, and I’m a sucker for origin stories, so for me, I would. It might seem a mis-mash if you don’t have the background. But if you approach it from the “dudes with special powers come together to fight stuff” you will be fine.

      That said, I can get you a list if you want one.

  • Sara K.

    A lot of my author twitter feeds were fussing about the movie. Was there a very sexist or a no doesn’t really mean no sort of joke? We have not planned to see it, but I know Shawn would like to…

    • stenaros

      I have not delved into it, but it happened during the press tour. Apparently Jeremy Renner said something sexist/slut shaming about the Black Widow character and Chris Evans went along with it. Then, instead of backing down and apologizing, Renner affirmed that he did indeed believe what he said to be true. I’ve not looked into it mostly because I like both actors and don’t want to find reasons not to. Which is not good of me, but whatever. I also think if the actors didn’t have to do press tours, we wouldn’t know Jeremy Renner’s views on women and sleeping around, which is as it should be.

      The movie itself is free of all that.

    • Jan W.

      My impression upon watching the Renner/Evans thing was that they were joking. Also, I’m pretty sure that Renner is drunk 95% of the time. At least, he acts like he is in every interview I’ve seen of him.

      There is a prima nocta joke in the movie. Frankly, it went right over my head. Someone had to explain it to me later. Since it was made by Tony Stark, I feel it was in character.

      The other drummed up controversy on Black Widow’s character being “weak” in the movie is total BS in my opinion.

      • stenaros

        If I had to do press tours, being drunk would probably be a good way to get through the day.

        The prima nocta joke was totally in character and funny. And funnier because you know that most of the audience didn’t get it.

        I don’t think Black Widow was weak at all. She was awesome as usual. Too bad she can’t have her own damn film.

  • Jan W.

    Based on the preview, I thought I would hate this one, but I ended up really liking it. I think I preferred the downtime scenes to the fight scenes too.

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