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The cast of the film Arthur Christmas arranged in a pyramid with the elves on the bottom and Arthur at the top.

Arthur Christmas

Directed by Sarah Smith, Barry Cook
Written by Peter Baynham, Sarah Smith

The review:

Even if this movie didn’t have a scene that takes place in Idaho, it would be worth watching just for the action movie–style depiction of how presents are delivered using the S2, a googleplex of elves, and a doddering Santa, but what makes it a magical Christmas movie is how that operation is contrasted with a simpler one later in the film.* The story of Santa’s second son Arthur, this film has all of the hallmarks of a quality Christmas film: wonder, delight, sorrow, hilarity, and steadfastness. The worriers among us will love how Arthur harnesses that feeling to save Christmas and those of us who hate wrapping presents will marvel at the elf Bryony’s** skill in a time of need.***

The verdict: Recommended

Cost: $2.99 via Redbox On Demand
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*Look out for Bill Nighy’s voice stylings as Grandsanta.
**Ashley Jensen, with a delightful accent
***Three pieces of tape!


  • What’s your favorite animated Christmas film?
  • How do you imagine those presents get delivered?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

This is the second Christmas film featuring a title song sang by Bill Nighy. He also starred in Love Actually.

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Orange background with a white frame. Text: And may one hundred percent of your Christmases be white. —Arthur Christmas. Read the three sentence movie review.
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