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The MAunts came over for a Valentine Lunch. We had yummy food and watched this movie. They liked it.

Bechdel rating: At least two women. Yes. Talk to each other: yes. About something besides a man: alas, no.

poster from: http://www.movieweb.com/movies/film/FIOW7RRQaXrFSX/photos
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  • Sara K.

    They liked it…does that mean that you did not? I think Amy Adams is super sassy. And I love the idea of breaking out into song wherever you are! -S

  • Sara K.

    Bechdel Question: Can they talk about men part of the time and then have other non-man-talk lines or does any man-talk result in a no for the test? -S

  • Patricia

    I saw it last year and loved it. I loved it so much I accidently left my purse in the theater.

    re: Bechdel test. I think it is up to you.

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