Parasite: With Whom Does Your Loyalty Lie?

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The review:

The glee about Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite had me reluctantly adding it to my list; when I finally watched it, I was rewarded with a roller coaster of a movie that was just as good as I’d been hearing. Ki-taek and his family’s plight—living in poverty in a sub-basement—had me rooting for them* as Ki-taek seeks to better himself by taking a job as a tutor for a rich family. From there I cycled through so many emotions as the narrative shifted and twisted leaving me gasping aloud several times and reacting verbally** more than once.***

The verdict: Recommended

Cost:$9.00 (though free due to gift card. I did buy $9.00 worth of popcorn and wine)
Where watched: Hollywood Theatre

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Further sentences:

*Throughout the film I loved the family’s interactions. They enjoyed each other’s company and were all in it together, no matter how dire their situation. I rarely see such close-knit families on screen.
**What? No! Oh my god!
***This review is intentionally unspecific because it’s best to just go in cold and be rewarded. It gets a bit bloody there in one part, but it’s doable to shield your eyes if you need to.


  • What was your favorite scene in this film?
  • What do you think the title refers to?

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Favorite IMDB trivia item:

The Parks’ house, said in the film to be designed by a fictional architect named Namgoong Hyeonja, was a set completely built from scratch.

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