Quoted on Filmspotting. About Channing Tatum, of course.

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Filmspotting is a recent discovery, I stumbled across it last fall and really look forward to the weekly podcast, as well as dipping into the archives.  The hosts, Adam and Josh, spend a good 20+ minutes chewing over the movie they’ve chosen to review every week and there is always a top-5 list.  One of the other features is a reader poll.  Every other week they announce the results and read comments.  I’m excited to say I’ve been quoted twice before (both times talking about women and movies!) but the poll for this week was about Channing Tatum.  So you know I had stuff to say about that.  They even linked to my Channing Tatum Personal Film Festival blog post.


If you would like to listen, click on the above link and then move along to the 25:40 minute mark.

Thanks Filmspotting for making my to-see movie list long, giving me something to listen to when I clean the house and also making me famous!  You know, in that internet way.

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  • balyien

    This is so cool! I'm ridiculously excited about it. How awesome are you that you got quoted by somebody?

  • Sara K.

    Sqweeeee! How exciting. I love that your CT love gets a back-up! Really wonderful. I love listening to the podcast and hearing your quotable awesomeness!

  • Sara K.

    I like that he says its a bit disturbing. Hee hee!! great comment, though. Did you get any new blog hits from the shout out?

  • Patricia

    The distrubing after comment was my favorite part too. And I did get a bit of a bump for the week after the episode, so that was cool.

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