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I found this to be a very nice movie in that I liked the premise (menopausal women play basketball against high school girls basketball team to raise money for a cause) and enjoyed the actresses, many of whom I don’t see a lot of any more.  However, it was very predictable and most of the characters were fairly solid stereotypes ultimately making this a so-so endeavor.  Put it on your list for when you are home sick with the flu.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched:  at home.

poster from:
What the hell is up with this poster?  That doesn’t even look like Brooke Shields.  Nor does it look like Brooke Shields looked in this very movie!  IMP Awards, where I grab all these posters from has a comment feature for every poster.  People don’t really comment a lot, but they sure did about this one.  Here’s my favorite:  Thank God that I saw this during the day, ’cause I don’t want to remember this by night.
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  • balyien

    Whoa, I didn't recognize ANY of the women! I thought it was a bunch of nobodies until I read the names at the top. What a terrible poster. I don't think I'm ready for a movie about menopause yet so I doubt I'll be watching this, lol.

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