See You Yesterday is a Balance

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See You Yesterday

See You Yesterday

Directed by Stefon Bristol
Written by Fredrica Bailey & Stefon Bristol

The review:

It’s a delicate balancing act, this movie, what with trying to have a fun caper (two teenagers build time machines!) and also addressing police shootings (they are trying to save a family member).* It succeeds at this task, managing to balance the wonder of time travel with the horrors unnecessary death.** Plus, it’s always good to see a determined girl who loves science on screen.***

The verdict: Good

Cost: Netflix monthly fee ($8.99)
Where watched: at home

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Further sentences:

*This week has been an heightened one for watching depictions of police interactions on screen.
**While watching, I was cataloging the number of swears, because this would be a good film to show in school. The level of swearing sunk that, but in hindsight, I’m guessing most schools wouldn’t show a movie depicting police shooting and unarmed man, no matter how much fun the science stuff is.
***There’s a fun cameo in this film too!


  • How would you end this film?
  • What did you think of the clothing choices of C.J. and Sebastian?

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

In the school scene, Mr. Lockhart is reading Kindred by Octavia Butler, a book about an African-American woman who travels back in time to pre-Civil War America and has to deal with the injustice and oppression of slavery.

I have read Kindred and it’s great! Highly recommended!

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See You Yesterday
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