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“What the hell is going on?” Matt asked, five minutes into the movie.  We remained befuddled off and on throughout this film, which I kind of enjoyed.*  My favorite part, though, was watching the DVD extra and listening to the cast try and describe what kind of movie it is, and what is the plot.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at our cute beach rental, in Seaside Oregon, with Matt.

*It was a strangely bizarre movie, kind of slow in a mesmerizing–and also boring–way.  “Why is everyone talking so slowly?” I asked Matt at one point.

“Maybe they are trying to bump us?” Matt responded and I laughed long and hard.  It is most likely that you haven’t seen this movie, so you haven’t heard Aubrey Plaza explain that she bumps customers (gets them to rent a more expensive car) by talking really slowly.  But I had heard her say that, so this was a profoundly funny comment made by Matt.

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  • Sara K.

    I rather enjoy that your experience of the movie was enhanced by not the movie itself, really, but your chat about the move. It is hard for me to see Zoey Deschanel as anything other than adorkable. I kind of forget that she has been in other things beyond her sit-com.

    • stenaros

      Ah, you forget one of my favorite movies, All the Real Girls, which simultaneously made me love not only Deschanel, but also Paul Schneider. It also increased my appreciation of Joan Allen, and introduced me to Danny McBride, who sort of stole the show during his few scenes.

  • Jan

    Hmm, so many actors that I like in this film and yet I’ve never heard of it and it doesn’t sound particularly interesting to me. John Hawkes was looking awfully familiar but I couldn’t quite place him. He was in 3 Billboards, which I only saw a month or two ago, hence him pinging my meter.

    • stenaros

      Ah John Hawkes. The go-to “Who is that guy?” He currently has 134 acting credits on IMDB. He had a lead role in the Sessions (about the guy with Polio who hired Helen Hunt to have sex with him) but mostly he is a side character, like in Winter’s Bone (the dad) and Martha Marcy May Marlene (the cult leader).

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