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Here’s a great example of interesting characters who come together to form an incredibly uninteresting movie.  The acting was good, but the plot meandered, and I was bored.  I’m also uncertain as to why we needed the 1990s setting, though that time period was nicely recreated.

Cost: $3.00
Where watched: Laurelhurst with S. North.

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  • Sara K.

    I love John Turturro. He has played some less than charming guys of late. How was he here?

    • stenaros

      He was a flawed dad. It was a good performance. As were all the other performances. It doesn’t make it worth watching the movie, though.

  • Jan

    Ha, this has been coming up in my suggestions on Amazon Prime a lot lately, but something kept holding me back from giving it a shot. Now I’m glad I haven’t watched it. I’ve seen enough boring films.

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