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This is a very delightful first date movie, as well as very nice period piece.  The young Barack Obama is what was then probably referred to as “charmingly persistent” in his wooing of the much more hesitant Michelle Robinson.* Plus it had a recitation of a poem by Gwendoyn Brooks (which I, too have memorized) and also paintings by Ernie Barnes, who I was not at all familiar with.

Cost: $9.50
Where watched: Cinema 21 with Matt**

*In the 80s this was charmingly persistent. Seen today it’s more of an experience where the woman sets very firm boundaries and the man walks all over them.  Which made this movie kind of uncomfortable to watch.

**With whom I had a very “Who’s on First” conversation:
“And on Thursday, I’m going to watch Southside with You.”
“With me?”
“No, Southside with You.”
“I don’t understand.  With me?”
“No, the date movie with–”
“Oh!  That movie.  I want to see that.”
“You want to see Southside with You with me?”

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  • Jan W.

    Lol. They did a pretty good job casting the young man who plays Barack Obama. He looks a lot like him. At least, he does on the poster. Which is a nice poster.

    • stenaros

      The picture used in the Oregonian’s review (which was actually a review from the Washington Post) was clearly taken after filming because they were wearing different outfits. I found this to be an interesting fact. Did they lose track of Michelle Obama’s orange shirt and white skirt? I wonder, this being a small production, if they just threw it away at the end of shooting? Or did someone take it home?

  • Heather

    Hooray for who’s on first conversation!

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