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I felt lucky to be able to watch this early Kelly Reichardt movie and found it very much keeping in the Reichardt style.  It did a good job of overturning all the Bonnie and Clyde cliches.  I also found the Florida setting interesting, as many of her movies are set in Oregon.

Cost: free via work-sponsored Netflix.
Where watched: at home.

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  • Sara K.

    The tag line kind of amuses me. Bchdel, yes? Seems like it could be!

    • stenaros

      I can’t remember if it has two women. Maybe not?

  • Sara K.

    Or Bechdel… Woman director and prominent women protagonist – it does seem a possibility. And if it upends Bonnie and Clyde…

  • Jan W.

    Huh, I wouldn’t have guessed the age of this film based on the poster. I thought it was more current. P.S. The lead actor’s main IMDB photo is supremely unflattering.

    • stenaros

      The poster might be newer. It got a restoration recently. I looked up that lead actor too and blanched at his photo. He seems to work steadily, so perhaps it’s his way of standing out?

  • Patricia Collins

    Treasure hunters you have done it again! Here’s your next clue. Read it carefully.

    My favorite movie of 2018, Eighth Grade tells the story of the last few days of Elsie Fisher’s school year. Her dad is played by Josh Hamilton, who I was surprised to find was the star of an early Noah Baumbach film I watched this year (and was bored by). Go to that boring Baumbach film to find your next clue.

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