Three sentence movie review: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

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I didn’t get a heads up that this is one of those films where they sing all the way through–not my favorite.  It’s a beautifully composed story, the colors pop, and it’s worth watching just for the wallpaper.*  It’s an emotional film, and quite enjoyable.

Cost: free via Vimeo. (Sometimes the subtitles blipped very quickly, so I couldn’t read them. This was annoying, but I still got the gist)
Where watched: at home


I watched this so I could listen to the Next Picture Show podcast pairing this movie with La La Land.

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  • Jan W.

    I remember this playing in Portland. Maybe for the 40-year anniversary? That would’ve been in 2004, so the timeline makes sense. I never saw it though.

    • stenaros

      I’m still thinking about that wallpaper!

  • Sara K.

    Isn’t it amazing to think of the AD’s vision being executed all the way down to the wallpaper? Movies are such a collective effort. A couple of PAs made sure that stunning detail was part of the larger mix.

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