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Aside from being an amazing time capsule of 1982 Valley Girl fashion, this was also an enjoyable movie.  It’s also fun to see how mainstream the “outsider” music has become.*  It’s also a nice bit of adolescent exploration: should you give up your friends for a boy you like?**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, while painting toenails purple

*There’s a great falling-in-love montage backed by Modern English’s “I Melt With You” which I was fully introduced to as a Burger King commercial. Also Nicholas Cage and his friends have outfits that transcend time much better than the Valley Girls.
**Generally I would say no, but in this case: yes.  Also, aside from this being early Nicholas Cage (before he fixed his teeth!) I also enjoyed Elizabeth Daily as the somewhat slutty friend.  She’s got a classic 80s look, (this is her in Better Off Dead) and has a great voice and I’m pleased she’s still working.  Mostly voice over work.

poster from:
(This poster features the woman who was in the movie in flashback, for maybe two minutes.  It does not feature the main female character.)

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  • Jan W.

    Lol, that BK commercial was my first introduction to “Melt with You” as well! I know Elizabeth Daily’s part in “Better Off Dead” is small, but I love her in it. I think she’s so sexy when she’s singing that song. I saw “Valley Girl” once upon a time and remember not liking it. It’s a film that I’d be willing to give a second chance, though, if I didn’t have a million other films to watch.

    • stenaros

      She’s one of those women who draw the eye. Too bad she didn’t get more screen time.

  • Sara K.

    I just keep thinking how the woman (whose tights are rather divine) looks like Charlese Theron. How interesting that she is really just poster candy. Like, I remember, like how, like Valley Girl, like talk, was like so a thing, like for like a long time, like when we were like younger. 🙂

    • stenaros

      Like, totally.

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