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That there quote on the movie poster is spot-on as this is a very classy film about falling in love.  I found the entire thing enchanting in the best movie way possible: where New York City is romantic, the people are pretty, the relationships complex and the ending well-earned.*  It’s always wonderful** when I find a perfect movie I’d never heard of.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.  Matt was playing a game and half-watching it and he really liked it too.

*Also, some amazing lines.  Here’s just one:  In New York, you’re never more than 20 feet away from someone you know, or someone you’re meant to know.
**It’s wonderful and disconcerting.  How many perfect movies I’ve never heard of are sitting there patiently, waiting for me to find them?  What if I never do?

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I will promise you this:  your favorite story, whatever it may be, was written for one reader.

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  • Jan W.

    It’s on Netflix and now added to my queue! Very excited to see it. Excellent review.

  • kathleen

    This is going on my to-watch list!

  • Sara K.

    So TFS!!! I have looked it up right now! So exciting!

  • Sara K.

    Thank you for sending it to me for my birthday! As texted, I loved this. It’s such a sweet movie with a different lens on romance and love.

    • stenaros

      Yay! Successful present!

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