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It’s a post-college transition movie with a female lead!*  She’s insufferable, which made this movie not much fun to watch.**  It was also odd, with many things that didn’t quite work,*** but I found Evan Peters’**** performance enjoyable, and again: post-college transition with a female lead.

Cost: Free from library
Where watched: at home.

*Win and win!  Post-college transitions are the mostly-unexplored time period in our landscape.
**Although I do feel for a character who, when frustrated, yells, “I got straight A’s!”  Yep.  Learning that good grades don’t necessarily get you anything is tough.
***Armando Riesco’s Rubia character, I either needed more of her story, or less.  What was there was frustrating.  Rat Billing’s ultimately mean move of publishing Amy’s poetry kind of came from left field.  Undeveloped female friendship between Amy and college friend.
****”…And I was wondering who he was, and he was in Kick-Ass and then played Quicksilver in X-Men” I told Matt as I was summing up the movie.
“Aaron Taylor-Johnson?”
“Um, I don’t think that’s his name.”
“He’s the guy in Kick-Ass and he played Quicksilver in the Avengers”
IMDB was consulted. It turns out Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters were both in Kick-Ass and both played Quicksilver, one in X-Men, one in the Avengers.  Amazing! (More amazing than this movie.)

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  • Jan

    This review gave me quite a few chuckles. How was Cusack? I feel like he’s just earning paychecks at this point.

    • stenaros

      I think it was a paycheck Cusack movie. It’s hard to tell because it wasn’t a very strong feature.

      Speaking of paycheck movies, I just read an article in Vanity Fair about Johnny Depp and his high-spending ways. Apparently, we have his desire to own an island to thank for his roles the last few years. He needed to do two 20-million dollar pictures per year to support all his spending. Not surprisingly, it was difficult for his agent to locate that many $20m opportunities. It was an interesting, and sad, article.

  • Sara K.

    Yay for a movie filling a very empty story niche. Bummer for it not really doing it as well as it could have. I feel like I haven’t seen a John Cusack film in ages (huh?).

    • stenaros

      I was going to say that you haven’t seen a John Cusack film in ages because he hasn’t been in anything good. But then I looked at his filmography and there was Love & Mercy. That was a spectacular film, and while I was distracted that Mr. Cusack looks nothing like Brian Wilson, he did a great job. It probably trends in a NFS direction though.

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