Three sentence movie reviews: Drugstore Cowboy

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I love this movie, from Matt Dillon’s blank, yet compelling, performance to all the Portland sights, (many of which have changed dramatically, or disappeared.)  I love the bleakness of the story and how it still manages to be a lighthearted sad movie. It is not a glamorized portrayal of drug addition, and that is another thing I love about it.

Cost: $3.00
Where watched: Laurelhurst Theater with S. North.

Watching this, I realized I knew nothing about Matt Dillon, the person.  It seems odd, no?  He’s been around for a while, yet I couldn’t tell you anything other than what he’s been in.  Old school!

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  • Jan

    I’ve seen this but it’s been ages. I couldn’t tell you anything about it now. Dillon seems like one of those actors who does a good job of shunning the limelight. I think he got a lot of press attention during the early 80s. Maybe he got burned and decided to keep out of it.

    • stenaros

      I don’t have the capacity right now, but if I did, I would love to do a Dillon retrospective. I haven’t seen very much of his younger stuff, because I was too young to watch those movies when they came out. I’m curious as to what kind of actor he is over the decades.

  • Sara K.

    He was such a heartthrob of our youth (though not on my list of crushworthy stars)(or maybe he’s a bit older…hmmmm.). Wasn’t he also in The Outsiders? Fun to see old school PDX!

    • stenaros

      He was in the Outsiders. And another movie adaptation of a S.E. Hinton book too. He’s a little bit older than us, maybe 10 years? Indeed. Born 1964.

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