Three sentence movie reviews: Blue Jasmine

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I loved watching these two actresses navigate their adult relationship, one of them a sister who had fallen from her upper-class life, the other a working-class, good-natured woman.  Cate Blanchett kind of went to an entirely different dimension.  It was cringe-worthy, watching her try to navigate through her new life, but incredibly moving.*

Cost:  Free, thanks to Heidi M.
Where watched: At Heidi M’s house.

*Also, these were some fabulous female characters, while the men were rather lacking in different areas.  Interesting that Mr. Allen can write women so well.

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  • balyien

    This one has been on my "maybe" list. I have a soft spot for Sally Hawkins. Also, I had no idea that Louis C.K. is in this! I'm a huge fan of his.

  • Sara K.

    I planned not to see this. That will likely be the way it is. I would like to see Cate's performance.

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