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I’m giving another shout-out to this quiet little film, which I liked just as much the second time around as I did the first.  It’s not life-changing, but it’s fun to watch and I’ve had worse times at the movies.  Plus, it’s packed full of people you will recognize, (but from where?) including Oscar Issac, who everyone loved in Inside Lleweyn Davis.

Cost:  I think I paid $7.00 to buy it?
Where watched:  at home.

poster from:
Note that this is a hideous poster.  Don’t judge by the poster.
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  • balyien

    Is it weird that I think Channing Tatum looks like Timothy McVeigh in that picture on the poster? Like, I actually thought to myself, "Why do they have a picture of Timothy McVeigh on the poster? Is this a documentary?" Then I squinted my eyes and realized that it was Channing Tatum.

  • Patricia

    Maybe Channing Tatum IS Timothy McVeigh.

    I really, really, really hate this poster.

    Fun fact! Before I watched this movie, I was listening to the commentary track for the To Do List, because I went to high school with the director and how often do you get to hear a commentary track of a director you went to school with? The director of the To Do List said that Aubrey Plaza was making a movie with Scott Porter in New Mexico (or somewhere) and gave Scott Porter the script to the To Do List and he loved it and signed on. How strange to then put on this movie and realize it has both Scott Porter and Aubrey Plaza and is set in New Mexico (or somewhere). This was the movie that got Scott Porter to do the To Do List! And what are the chances I would watch it right after listening to the commentary of said movie?

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