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While this movie was pretty to look at and interesting to contemplate, I never emotionally latched onto it and thus it was just an okay film for me.  Also, how exactly did this family support themselves by selling bird houses?* In other news, this movie now contains my new favorite version of Sweet Child O’Mine.

Cost: I think matinees at Regal are more than $10.00 now?
Where watched: Regal Fox Tower w/S. North.

* I get they lived on the cheap, but that school bus was gorgeously remodeled in a not-in-a-cheap way.   And all of those kids had running shoes.  And climbing gear.  Those things cost money.

Poster commentary was of the ilk that the above poster made this movie look like a Wes Anderson flick and I can’t disagree.  I think the below poster captures the movie’s sentiment in a much better way. captain_fantastic_ver3

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  • Sara K.

    I like that we got both posters. And poster commentary. And interesting commentary about social class and consumerism.

    • Sara K.

      And that’s a lot to pack into a 3 sentence review. Obviously I needed more explaining for my 3 sentence movie comment. Perhaps the reply to comment doesn’t count for 3 sentences (but I *mostly* did it anyway).

    • stenaros

      You might have noticed that the asterisk (*) does wonders to expand the abilities of the three sentence review. 🙂

  • Jan W.

    To be fair, the description makes it sound a bit like a Wes Anderson film as well. My immediate thought was, “That sounds twee.” Also, I’m not sure that I’ve ever liked Viggo in anything that wasn’t LOTR.

    • stenaros

      It’s less twee and more “fight the power, man!” I like Viggo in all things. He’s a reliable presence for me.

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