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This movie was trying to be something it failed to be, what with the jumbled time line and the scritch-scritch effects.  It wasn’t a winner in the “Whoa! Super Artsy, Man!” category, but the story of the ebb and flow of the romance was interesting enough.  Both actors were quite solid in their performances.

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Where watched: at home.

I’ve pledged to call out when I see movies unapologetically using fat people to further their plots. In this movie, Justin Long is waiting in line and a teenage girl keeps talking to him.   The guy in line behind Justin Long insults Justin Long for his fat date (the teenage girl), thus trying to set himself up as looking good for Emily Rossum.  I see that the script is using his words to depict this guy as an asshole, but what he said was troubling enough that I gave a cry of dismay and then the movie just floated on by that incident. leaving the fat joke hanging out there.

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  • Sara K.

    I often like Justin Long as a romantic lead. I also appreciate your call out of fat shaming and fast people as an easy plot device. very glad you pointed that out.

  • Sara K.

    Okay – your blog comments from me are now up to date! Yippee! Time to cross it off the to do list.

  • Sara K.

    Sadly, I have added to the to do list. Messed up my knee on Friday and it is really not better. Heading to the clinic to get it checked out this afternoon – just made the appointment as I was reading this post.n

  • Jan W.

    I love Justin Long, and my dislike of Emmy Rossum (started by the awful remake of The Poseidon Adventure) has thawed slightly since I started watching Shameless. Plus, I like quirky romances. So I gave this movie a try once upon a time. And absolutely loathed it. Didn’t even finish it. What a bunch of pretentious BS! However, I always enjoy seeing places I’ve been to in LA on film. 🙂

    • stenaros

      LA was very pretty.

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