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Being a fan of both of the gentlemen on the poster, I was also a fan of this movie which I found amusing, even though some of the plot made no sense whatsoever.  I was quite surprised at the Rock’s portrayal of Bob Stone as a nerd in recovery, still shell-shocked from his high school experience.* There were some very good lines in this film.

Cost: $5.00
Where watched:  McMenamins St. John’s Pub with one other person who didn’t ever laugh, making me the crazy lady laughing alone in the room for a second day in a row.

*Like, he was acting.  Which I hadn’t realized he could do.

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  • kathleen

    I’m on the fence about watching this but now maybe I will..!

  • Jan W.

    I can’t stand Kevin Hart pretty much AT ALL, so I wasn’t keen to see this, but Dan really wanted to and sadly there aren’t a lot of movie options in my new area. (One chain, Cinepolis, shows a handful of films that aren’t blockbusters. Sigh.)

    I was very shocked by how much I liked this. I enjoyed that Hart played more of the “straight man” while The Rock was the comic relief. And he was so funny! He stole every scene. I was very impressed.

    • stenaros

      My esteem for The Rock increased exponentially with this film. And it was already pretty high.

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