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This was first in my post-mortem Yelchin catch-up viewing and I’m surprised I hadn’t ever gotten around to watching it given that I was a fan of Downey Jr, Davis and Dennings when the movie debuted.  I found that though the actors went all-in with their acting stuff, this movie did not really hang together.  For this I blame the script, which was random and sometimes dumb.

Cost: $2.00 from Videorama
Where watched:  At home.

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  • Jan W.

    Oh man, it was difficult to see him in “Star Trek Beyond” yesterday, so young and vibrant and alive, with no clue of what was to come. The film pays homage to Leonard Nimoy, so it was already hard enough. Really tugged at my heart strings. I’m going to add some of Yelchin’s movies to my queue, but maybe not this one.

    • stenaros

      Yeah, this is only needed for “complete-ist” reasons. You should skip it. I’ve discovered one that I really like though. You’ll get to that review shortly.

  • Sara K.

    Box ticked! Another on the list done! And now I’m off to get ready for an Olympics opening ceremony viewing party.

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