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I picked this as the featured film for the MAunts to watch after we had our Christmas Eve Eve Dinner and it held up, both for a second viewing for me, and a first viewing for them.  This time I had even more time to look a costumes*.  I also am reminded that I don’t really do very well in real life being kind and having courage, but perhaps a second viewing of this film will help me to remember.

Cost: $4.99 from Videorama (I got it for five days)
Where watched: at home with Mom and Aunts

*Cate Blanchette’s 40s-inspired dresses, the wicked stepsisters 50’s-inspired technicolor look!

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  • Jan W.

    So did the MAunts like it? I need to watch it again. The costuming really was amazing.

    • stenaros

      I believe they did like it.

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