Three sentence movie reviews: Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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I felt a profound sense of relief as this movie ended.*  I loved the plot,** I loved the new characters, I thought the old characters were seamlessly integrated, I’m looking forward to seeing what the next feature brings, and I gasped aloud twice.***  Also!, I’m excited that Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were the main characters for the new franchise because they seem interesting to watch.

Cost: $5.00 (It was $5.00 Sunday! I thought they might have an exception for this film, but they didn’t!)
Where watched: Regal Vancouver City Center Stadium 12 with Matt.  (And a gaggle of unruly ten-year-old-boys with no apparent adult minder in sight.)

*I had no idea how worried I was that it wasn’t going to be very good.
**Rehash of A New Hope?  Don’t care! Still liked it!
***Once when a certain someone took of his mask (This was where my media blackout paid off, as I had no idea who the actor behind the mask was. I love that actor!) once when, well, you know.

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  • Jan W.

    Did you also post this on your other blog? I’m pretty sure I already commented on it. Lol.

    • stenaros

      That was the pre-show date-night commentary. This is the actual review!

  • Heather

    Ugh! I have avoided all and every review or discussion of this movie because I insist that I will see it before it gets spoiled for me! (And I still haven’t seen it because Patrick went to Atlanta and saw it with his childhood best friend! And I am betting I have missed it by now. So, will have to wait until he buys it, like he has bought every other one.)

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