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Man, oh man do I love this show, despite not wanting to spend any moment in real life with any of these characters.*  I felt that this season was more logical in its character progressions and I particularly enjoyed the introduction of Mimi-Rose Howard into the Girls stew.  There were some awesome lines that I neglected to write down and some incredibly good scenes.**

Cost:  Free from library (after a long wait because I missed the appearance in the catalog by a week or so.)
Where watched:  at home. One episode per night at first and then probably the last four in one sitting.

*Even Shosh, my favorite and the most normal in her quasi-spectrum way, would massively annoy me after about 30 minutes.
**Just three: Ray telling off Dezi; someone trying to explain to Hannah about boundaries; the Mimi-Rose/Adam/Ace/Jess awkward dinner

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  • Jan W.

    I haven’t watched this show in ages now. Not sure if I’ll ever pick it back up. I like it, but find it terribly exhausting after a while. Maybe one episode per night is the way to go.

  • Sara K.

    I adore that you spend time with them by watching but would not in person. Very astute comment. I need you to edit together a TFS montage of the parts that would work for me…

    • stenaros

      In all my spare time, I will totally find room for this task!

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