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Hey, are you looking for a male-centered comedy about a man who gets pulled into heaven before he should arrive and thus must spend some time in different people’s bodies while the people in charge of such things find him a suitable body?  Well, this is the comedy is for you, and despite it being nearly forty years old the humor still holds up.  Watching this, I can see a glimmer of why Mr. Beatty was once considered so desirable, though I can’t say I felt the same way.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

Thus ends my Elaine May marathon. She co-wrote this film.  There’s nothing left to watch, alas.

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  • Sara K.

    No instant crushes on this mega heartthrob of yore? I remember the brief flame of him and Madonna during the filming of Dick Tracy. I guess, during that movie, which I loved, I could see it.

  • Jan W.

    I think I saw part of this when I was younger (early teens maybe) but didn’t finish it because the protagonist was “too old” (my age now sigh).

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