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I didn’t have much downtime this weekend, so when I saw this at the library, I grabbed it, then offered it up as an entertainment option for my sick (and bored) boyfriend.  On first viewing, I entered with low expectations and was happily surprised; this time I noticed that after about the 2/3rds mark EVERY line was cheesy.  However, I did again enjoy the breadcrumbs of plot that were nicely scattered and then returned to, as well as the way the plot kept dragging them back into the White House in plausible ways.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with Matt

poster from:

I’m sorry, but the comments are too good not to grab.  I love that some of them include their job titles.  Is a Visitor Experience Associate of the Science Museum of Minnesota qualified to judge this poster?  The internet says yes.

Adreanna Ramirez ·

might be the worst poster of the year. Its so bad on so many levels.
Shawn Grobel ·
walk away bro, just walk away.

Donnacha Kenny ·

“Cool guys don’t look at explosions…”

Bert Shuttlecock ·

Generic and uninteresting. Except ID4, the rest of the director’s credit is useless or even harmful!

Ryan O’Brien ·

Would have been so much better if he were looking at us incredulously with his thumb jerked behind him as if to say ‘Holy sh*t do you see that?’

Richard Nelson

When you’re the second movie about something in a year, why would you create a poster that resembles something from the first movie?

Fred Carlsson ·

Bad bad bad.

Heidl Bär ·

John Carter of Earth?

Alexandro Olivera ·

Awwww the famous and inevitable red sparks.


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  • Sara K.

    Oh my goodness! The comments about the poster MAKE this post! Hilarious!

  • Jan W.

    Aren’t the cheesy lines part of the fun of watching a movie like this? If you ever have a free moment, I recommend going on YouTube and watching the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top cheesy lines. So funny!

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