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 I tend to have a problem with plots where the leading man isn’t listening to what the leading woman is saying and then the script proves him right in the end, as if  the leading woman doesn’t know what she really wants.  So there was that, but putting that aside (as I have to do so often when watching movies) this was chock full of witty banter and really clipped along, which is not necessarily a feature in movies of yore.  Overall, a very good watch.

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This poster is hideous! What have they done to Rosalind Russell?
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  • Heather

    That poster is truly hideous! I agree! But, this is a really great movie. We had to watch it for my college film class. (Because it was the first to effectively break the 180degree rule for camera angles).

  • Patricia

    See, I kind of wish I had some magical book that would tell me to look out for things like 180 degree rule for camera angles. It would make watching the old movies that much more interesting.

  • Heather

    But, in the same instance, when you know everything that is going to happen, you also lose the miracle of watching something without prejudice. I had seen it before at that point and have seen it again recently. And I do agree with the annoyance of a "damned man" that knows the leading ladies wants more than she does. But, think of how scandalous this was. Not only a divorc, but a career newspaper woman!

  • balyien

    I agree that Rosalind Russell looks pretty terrible in the poster. She looks like she has no chin and why would I want to be looking up her nostrils?

    I also agree that there is way too much "I know what you really want, silly woman" in older movies. Not that it's disappeared in modern cinema, but it was definitely more prominent back then.

  • Sara K.

    What excellent commentary to go with those post! I wonder if the term his gal Friday came from this film or existed before. I have not seen it but know that I should!

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