Three sentence movie reviews: Revenge of the Nerds

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In which a group of nerds overcomes their own persecution by oppressing women.* Setting aside my feminist convictions,** I thought this story was rather sweet, although its time has passed.  I mean, who isn’t for the nerds?***

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*I mean seriously!  Creepy spying with what we would now be calling web cams!  Having sex with a woman while pretending to be someone else (which is rape)!  Using a topless photo of the woman you have just raped to raise money for charity!  All very bad things!  I’m not going to go into how the women in the Mu sorority were all fat, and thus lesser women.  But I could.
**As I often do when watching movies.
***We’re kind of living in a nerd nirvana right now.

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  • balyien

    This is definitely an example of a movie that should stay in the 80s and never be watched again. I saw it again a few years ago and was appalled by the misogyny, especially the rape and the implication that it wasn't rape because she ended up enjoying it. Ugh, so gross. And yes, the nerds of the world aren't exactly oppressed any longer.

  • Sara K.

    Well. I am convinced not to rewatch this one. Sounds pretty gross, now.

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