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If you have little tolerance for make-up-breakup relationships this is not a movie for you.  But if you like mostly improvised movies that don’t employ a lot of dialogue about the fragility of relationships, you will be as enchanted as I was.  Much like Drinking Buddies, this movie stuck with me for days afterward and I highly recommend it, assuming you meet the above qualifications.

Cost: Free from library.  One of those “why not?” movies.
Where watched: at home.

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  • Jan W.

    I’m fond of Anton Yelchin. I really liked him in Odd Thomas, a “Why not?” movie that I watched on Netflix. I might add this one to the list.

    • stenaros

      That looks like an interesting movie. But alas, the library does not have it. I did put Rudderless on hold. Mr. Yelchin and Billy Crudup. It will be pretty, even if it isn’t that good.

  • Sara K.

    I especially love improved movies that get it right. It is such an amazing way to work. I bet it is both invigorating and terrifying as an actor to work on a set like that!

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