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Being a great fan of Gerwig, Hawke, and Moore (as well as Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader) plus the fact it was written and directed by a woman had me at the theater on the first weekend.  And I was rewarded with a complicated story (Maggie’s Plan was not what I thought it was at first) and among other things excellent quietly made observations about the divide of household tasks in this modern American life.  Plus it was funny.*

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: Hollywood Theater

*Julianne Moore was hilarious as a Danish intellectual, and even Greta Gerwig’s clothing was low-level amusing.

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  • Jan W.

    Ah yes, I’m slowly recalling the trailer I saw for this movie. I thought it looked awful (based on said trailer), so I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed it! I know a lot of people who love Fimmel because they’ve seen his show “Vikings.” What did you think of him? I enjoyed his performance in “Warcraft” (I haven’t seen “Vikings”).

    • stenaros

      This will most likely be a top-ten movie this year, possibly top 5. I enjoyed Mr. Fimmel’s performance. It was appropriately flat. He’s not in the movie very much, though. Maybe 2.5 scenes.

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