Three sentence movie reviews: My Own Private Idaho.

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This is not my favorite Van Sant film and watching it today it’s easy to reflect on so much that has been lost:  River Pheonix, gritty Portland, Keanu Reeves’ youth.  It’s a fun movie to watch from the perspective of glimpses of Portland past, and it’s gleefully weird in places.*  But overall, I find it to be a so-so story.

*That scene where River Pheonix dresses as the little Dutch Boy and cleans for/before his “date” comes to mind.  Also:  Flea!

Cost:  Free due to remodeled Baghdad promotion.
Where watched:  remodeled Baghdad, which looks and sounds terrific.

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  • balyien

    I never did like this movie as much as I wanted to. It had all the elements I should like, but they never seem to gel. Too bad. I miss River Phoenix, even after 20 years. He was a good actor.

  • Sara K.

    I remember this movie was controversial. I wonder why? Too "out there" for its namesake?

  • Patricia

    First of all: quirky indie flick back when those were much more threatening. Second of all: boy teenage prostitutes. The sex scenes are fun, though. Quick montages of freeze frame. That is my favorite part, actually. Kind of like the getting high parts of Requiem for a Dream. Very well done.

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