Three sentence movie reviews: Sleeping Beauty in 70mm

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The Hollywood Theater showed this in 70mm, so it was the really big screen.  The colors were great, the music was great, and the volume of the dialogue was very very quiet.  It was so quiet that it seemed as if no one in the audience (not even the children) moved for the entire run-time, so great was our straining to hear.

Cost: $14.00, which was refunded when the theater figured out what happened.  Thanks, Hollywood!
Where watched: Hollywood Theater

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  • Jan W.

    Bad sound mixing … quite possibly my biggest film pet peeve. It’s especially bad in older movies. At home, I always watch with subtitles, no matter the age of the film (unless subtitles aren’t available; it annoys me to no end when they aren’t).

    • stenaros

      I watch with subtitles too. It’s one of those things that came along with Matt that used to really bug me, but now I subtitle even if he isn’t here. In my case, it’s 60% driven by the fact that I don’t think the people upstairs need to live thorough the music swelling. And I hate to turn the volume up and down along with the swelling of the soundtrack.

  • Sara K.

    Oh that delightful poster, with the fold marks. Too bad about the volume. What a treat, otherwise, though!

    • stenaros

      I really love the animation in this film. The score is good too.

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