Three sentence movie reviews: Star Wars Holiday Special

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I’ve been living under the impression that I would have to wait for George Lucas to die before I could see this only-screened-on-TV-once feature.  But it turns out that this is the third year the Kiggens Theater has shown this film.  Now that I’ve seen it, I will have to spend the rest of my life un-seeing it, because it’s a terrible, terrible piece of the Star Wars world.

Cost: free
Where watched: Kiggens Theater with Matt

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  • Jan W.

    When I was scrolling through you blog to find where I last left off commenting, I was surprised to see this go by. I’d always heard that it was a supremely terrible film, so I wondered why on earth you’d see it. Why on earth did you see it?

    • stenaros

      Because I could! It was this mythical thing that I thought was out of my reach, but turned out to be actually quite accessible. Unlike some people in the audience, I will never spend time watching it again. Some people were there for their fourth viewing.

      And technically, I slept through the cartoon, so I haven’t really seen the whole thing. But I’m good.

  • Sara K.

    Oh my goodness! This is THE best review! Well played, you!

    • stenaros


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