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The boyfriend was under the weather, so we had time to watch this movie together.  This time, there were two people laughing together while watching, which is a much better way to watch movies.  Things still felt fresh, even with a second viewing in less than a week.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home with the boyfriend

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  • Sara K.

    Last comment for this round. Hi by the way! Three sentence comments are not good for chitchat.

  • Sara K.

    I should have checked which would be my last post. But I figure more comments are never bad. This, BTW, is my 7th attempt at posting this second comment.

  • Sara K.

    I took a nice long break after tries 4-6. Seems like the break was helpful because now they seem to be staying. But now I am heading to bed.

  • Sara K.

    So, goodnight! Or good whenever you read this. Happy day to you!

  • Jan

    I’m glad Matt enjoyed it! What better way to feel better than with laughter?

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