Three sentence movie reviews: Star Trek Into Darkness

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I loved the Star Trek reboot and was looking forward to this movie.  It delivered everything I wanted: humor, action, plot, special effects.  And, it quasi-inspired me to actually watch the original Star Trek movies which, except for the whale one, I’ve never seen.

Cost:  $6.00 (plus another $7.50 for wine and popcorn)
Where watched:  St. John’s Cinema

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  • Sara K.

    Oddly enough, we have not seen this yet. The time just slipped away and it didn't happen. We will be going, though!

  • balyien

    I told you my opinion of this movie in the letter I just finished, so I'll wait for you to read about it there. However, I feel that it can't be said enough how massively HOT Benedict Cumberbatch was in this movie, and I don't normally find him particularly attractive. I'd watch the movie all over again just for him.

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