Three sentence movie reviews: The Two Faces of January

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So my mild infatuation with Oscar Issac continues.*  I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of this movie, as it was quite good–tense in all the right places.  It’s based on a Patricia Highsmith novel, and follows the usual pattern.

Cost: Free from library.
Where watched: at home.  Film 1 of 3 of today’s scheduled Movie Palooza.**

*And who doesn’t like a side of Viggo Mortensen?
**Side note.  When I watched the movie Frank, I was intrigued by the preview for this movie and White Bird in a Blizzard, the next film in today’s Movie Palooza.  I was amused to notice the previews for this movie and the next all played a small game of rotating through each other.  This had Frank and White Bird.  While White Bird had this and Frank.  Magnolia Pictures was pushing all the same movies at the same time.

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  • Sara K.

    Looks like Kirsten Dunst’s costuming for the show could be quite lovely. I know its just one shot, but she looks quite nice. How funny about the very tight cross-promoting!

    • stenaros

      Overall, all cast members had very good 50’s tourist clothing.

  • Jan W.

    I’m not sure if I like a side of Viggo Mortensen. I don’t know if I’ve seen him in anything besides LOTR. I’m increasingly starting to love me some Oscar Isaac though.

    • stenaros

      Viggo was the Blouse Man in A Walk on the Moon, which also stars Diane Lane, Anna Paquin and Liev Schreiber. I really liked that movie when it came out. In fact, all through the LOTR thing, I pointed out that he was the Blouse Man in that movie!

      I’ve heard he’s quite good in A History of Violence and also The Road, but I haven’t gotten myself to watch those movies. Mostly he’s in movies I don’t want to watch, even though they are supposed to be good.

      Oscar Issac, though! Whilst pulling weeds today I was contemplating why he hasn’t had a Vanity Fair cover/photo shoot/interview. He’s the man! Is it because he’s not sandy blonde and blue eyed? I’ve never seen him not be good in a movie. Even in movies I didn’t much care for. And come on! Did they not see the dance sequence in Ex Machina?

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