Three sentence movie reviews: This is the End.

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And after marinating in a rare two hours of all-women-being-awesome-on-film, it’s kind of head-shaking that not 24 hours later I was, by choice,* watching a complete and total boy-humor movie.  And this movie is packed with boy humor encompassing pretty much every boy-movie cliche:  poop, weed, masturbation, extraneous gore, urine, romance, alien invasions, random big action sequences, well-hung demons, and flirting with being a bad-ass.  For something that was designed to make you think that a bunch of pot-head, 20-something name actors wrote this while they were high, it was pretty top-notch, managing to pack a whole lot in to a tightly-scripted movie that had me gasping for breath through my laughter several times.**

Cost: free due to birthday present.
Where watched:  Laurelhurst.  With Matt

*I picked it as the movie Matt would take me to for my birthday.  Really.
**Seriously, if you are tuned into the boy humor, this movie is FUNNY.  I can recommend it.

 (ahem.  Also Channing Tatum has a tiny bit part in it.)
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  • Sara K.

    I love how all of these man-child types are still getting to make their boy humor movies together. I would guess that they have piles of fun together during these movies. Glad you enjoyed the movie so much, that is perfect for a birthday outing!!

  • Shawn Shafer

    Agreed. Self satirizing, snappy and surprising.

  • balyien

    I'm so glad that you liked this! It made me laugh until my stomach hurt (Michael Cera's demise in particular just slayed me in an I'm-going-to-Hell way). How awesome/disturbing was Channing Tatum's cameo?

  • Patricia

    I love every single bit of Michael Cera in that movie. And Channing Tatum was hilarious. And when James Franco and Danny McBride were arguing about Danny McBride's activities involving a certain naked lady magazine I literally could not breathe. There were so many funny moments. The whole Emma Watson comes back to the house… Craig Robinson with the **ahem** sculpture?

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