Three sentence movie reviews: Thor: The Dark World

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Unlike the first movie (which I found kind of boring the first time through and strangely profoundly moving the second viewing) this movie was very well-balanced, giving good time to the earth people, the Asgardians, Thor’s friends, Thor’s romance, and even a bit of gratuitous washing up involving a naked torso.  But best of all, (well, second best, because Chris Hemsworth has got something going on) was Loki, who is perhaps my favorite Marvel villain, mostly because he’s just so fun.  I thought the fight scene at the end was full of creative action-movie-fight scene-type-things and hopefully you will stay for the bit during the credits AND the bit at the bitter end of the credits.

Cost:  $7.00
Where watched:  St. John’s Cinema with Matt.

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  • balyien

    I didn't like the first Thor much at all (hated the love story) but I ended up really liking this one a lot. During the gratuitous shirtless scene, I leaned over and muttered to Dan "This will probably be the best scene in the whole movie." I was wrong. This film was a lot of fun. I'm thoroughly in love with Tom Hiddleston now, especially as Loki. When he smiles, oh boy.

  • Sara K.

    Glad that Thor continues to provide fun and enjoyment. I am 0 for 0 on the Thor films. Loki is quite fun, though (Thanks Avengers).

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