Three sentence movie reviews: Veronica Mars (again!)

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Let’s face it, sometimes the glee at seeing something very anticipated means you miss stuff the first time around.  So seeing this movie again was a reward for doing an odious task and a very good reward at that.  It was as fun and funny and fresh as the first time around.

Cost:  $5.00
Where watched:  Living Room Theater

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  • balyien

    I keep thinking about this movie. I kind of want to see it again too. Perhaps hubby and I should just buy it off of iTunes. We very nearly did the first time, instead of renting it.

  • Sara K.

    Yep, how did I start my spring break this week? I watched it again for a third time. I loved it again!!!

  • Sara K.

    And the book. You have to read the book. I love that it picks up right where the movie left off.

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