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Take the spirit of Office Space, set it in the Israeli Army, make the main characters young women reluctantly working in the Personnel Department of a dusty army base and BAM! you have a hilarious comedy. It’s a comedy that has some weighty things within its run time, but that doesn’t stop it from being gut-bustingly funny.  It’s early, but so far this is my favorite movie of the year and I recommend you search it out.

Where watched: Living Room Theater with Matt after a failed attempt at Birdman.

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  • Jan W.

    Oh wow, I saw a trailer for this (ahead of "Wild," I think) and thought it looked terrible, although I wondered whether it might actually be quite a bit funnier than the trailer suggested. I got the sense that the humor of the film might not translate well into two minutes, but would perhaps work better in film length. If you liked it this much, I know it can’t be terrible!

  • Felicia

    Just added this to my watchlist.

  • Sara K.

    I love that marriage of many disparate entities to make one good movie. Seems like Bechdel might give this a thumbs up. I am certainly intrigued!

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