Toy Story 2 Is Okay

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(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It was years between me finding the “Toy Story 2 was okay” graffiti and me finding that it was a thing. I actually think this movie is quite good.)

3SMReviews: Toy Story 2

The review:

John Lasseter and Ash Brannon’s Toy Story 2 continues the Toy Story story, mostly for better.* There are callbacks to the first movie** and many other movies (especially Star Wars movies) are quoted. There are plenty of laughs and the quality storytelling that Pixar is known for.

Verdict: Good

Cost: free from Multnomah County Library
Where watched: at home with the boyfriend in preparation for another installment of Filmspotting’s 9 from ’99.

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Further sentences:

*My first twinge of annoyance was when all the guys went on a mission (the main plot of the film), with the lady toys seeing them off. What year is this? 1861? Maybe throw in some gender equity, you know because this was made right before the 21st century. My second twinge of annoyance was that an obese, hairy man (the only large person in the movie) was a bad guy. Fat and hairy doesn’t equal bad. Be a little inventive, Toy Story people.
**There’s a great Buzz Lightyear sequence in a toy store.

3SMReviews: Toy Story 2

Favorite IMDB trivia item:

John Ratzenberger, who does the voice of Hamm, has voiced a character in every film made by Pixar.

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